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Car Glass Break !!!


Last week we decided to completely break a car with a friend to record it. A lot of hit sounds! But after the derush the only ones who were really cool were the Broken Glass Sounds.

Just in case I have to say that the car was an old one, it was about to go to the scrap yard! The recorded sound are legal sounds!

I hop you’ll enjoy this Car glass destruction sounds!


Firemen’s planes flying above my head!


This time i’m sharing a recording of several firemen’s planes flying. I was getting back from work when I heard little planes flying. A fire was next to my area and firemen already extinguished it. But the planes were still here probably to look after any rising. Recorded with a H4n. Enjoy and leave comments!

Children from Bamako


Here is a memory from my third travel in Africa. The scene takes places in a humble area of Bamako (Mali) named Boulkasoum Bougou (see the picture). A lot of young children were playing when I arrived with my equipment. They were surprised and excited when i put my headphone  on the ears of one of them. They began to scream and play around the mics so I decided to take advantage of it. They are speaking in Bambara. Recorded with two MBHO cardio mics in a H4n. Enjoy and leave comments!

Fireworks for a blog birth.


Welcome to my very young sound blog! Here is my first post and what’s better than FIREWORKS for a birth? The original take is 18 minutes long so here are some extracts from a field recording made with two MBHO cardio microphones in a H4n and treated with a multiband compressor and limiter. Enjoy and leave comments!

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