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Burkina City Side!


I got back from Burkina Faso 2 weeks ago where I had the chance to be and record ambiances for 1 month and a half. So here are some photos and a sound glimpse from the City Side of Burkina Faso. There are 3 cities represented here: Ouagadougou (capital) where people speak in Mooré (language of the Mossi ethnic group) and  Bobo Dioulasso (second biggest city un Burkina) and Banfora. In the two last towns people speak Dioula (same name for the ethnic group). Because of the colonization the official language is french. And people speak french everywhere in Burkina especially when they are traveling in they’re own country because of the different traditional language related to the presence of a lot of different ethnic group. Enjoy and excuse my English!

A special page is coming with a lot more of sounds I recorded there with nature sounds, villages, cities and even a sand wind! 

Kids playing!

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