Indonesia AMB recording

From Jakarta to Borneo here is a small example of what you can here in Indonesia. At the end of the track you can here a recording part of one of the last floating market still existing on this planet! Enjoy!


AC BlackFlag MultiPlayer Intro Cutscene

Here is one of the cutscenes I worked on. Full edit and mix by myself. Working for ACBF was definitely a great experience.Hope you’ll Enjoy!

And here the version with SFX only.

Foley and SFX editing for AC BlackFlag Kill Sounds. Old AC3 Accolades.

Here is one video showing my work for AC BlackFlag. Some of the ingame sounds are from me and I made all the synckills sounds at 2’27” and 4,22”. It was a great pleasure to work for this game.

I found this video regrouping the accolades cutscenes I edit sounds for. Even if it is old I’m happy to show it (at the end of the video you’ll be able to see the wolfpack sync kills).

Rayman Legends E3 Trailer


Working on this trailer was a great experience! Christophe Heral composed the music and I’m on sound edit and mix! Enjoy!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Cut Scenes


Here are some of the cutscenes I worked on for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I really enjoyed working on it and I received help from Tchae Measrock for foley and Jeff Terrien was on the mix. I did all the edit and premix. Enjoy!




This video bring together every cutscenes of GRFS the ones I worked on are the satellite views and the ones which are not in-games.


Mixing ZombiU Games Com trailer


Zombi U has been recently released and I forgot to add the trailer I mixed for the GamesCom a few months ago. It’s allways a pleasure to mix after Charlie Atanasyan who’s a great sound editer and especially on this one because I had a big challenge with the dynamic, they allways wanted it louder: the music louder! but we don’t hear the SFX no more! maket it louder and the voice off louder too! Really fun and interesting, I’m kind of proud of the result. Enjoy!

Foley editing and tweaking for Assassins Creed 3 (multi)

It’s been a long I didn’t post an article on my blog I’ve been lazy these last months. But I also worked for really interesting projects such as AC3. I was in charge of most of the killing sounds in this game (only multi not for the solo mode). And I had the chance to get a lot of materials from Tchae Measroch who is Foley Artist for Ubisoft at MontrĂ©al studios. I only had edit and tweak these materials even if recorded some by myself especially for the metal ring you’ll hear. It’s only about zing, slash shprunch! Very gory sounds and I swear after 4 months you’re really getting crazy! Enjoy!

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